Friday, February 19, 2010

Introduction & Giveaway

Welcome here, 
This blog is a journal of my adventure as a stay-at-home mom and our home-education experience.  My husband and I have two beautiful, fun-loving boys: Abishai (2 1/2 years old), and Micaiah (1 year old).  We live in Winnipeg, love Jesus, and being with each other.  Thanks for reading!

Giveaway:  My husband came up with my blog-title and I liked it right away.  But what is "In the home and by the way" alluding to? Hint: it's from an ancient book. I'll bake a fresh loaf of spelt bread, made with organic flour that I milled myself for the first Winnipegger with the right answer.  Good luck!


  1. Proverbs 22:6? Deuteronomy 11?
    I just want bread! I am SO excited that you will be homeschooling, I love to hear of experiences of discovery and learning together! you have our best wishes and all the encouragement and support in way of prayers and resources as you need them... just ask.
    Love you guys.

  2. I got it! psalter... 345

    "in the home and by the way; He will keep thee day by day."

  3. Psalm 121 - God is with you and will protect you everywhere!! am I right??

    Tracy Warkentin (aka Wazny)

  4. We have the same mill! Neat!
    No idea about the blog title though...but your bread sounds fun. :)

  5. Great guesses everyone! I will post tomorrow who the winner is.

    TamiJo, I love your nursing profile picture, so sweet, peaceful and tender.

    Corinna, I had no idea you had a blog, neat.

  6. The blog that comes up is my out-of-date sewing blog, but we have a family blog too. If you're curious about it let me know and I'll give you the link.
    Great title...I like the way you pieced those verses in Deuteronomy together!
    Where did you get your pictures of Holy Week?