Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paris, France

In our FIAR studies this week, we took a look at Paris, France through the book of Madeline, a story about Miss Clavel's twelve little girls in Paris: a childhood classic.
Colouring the flag of France after we located it on our world map.

The boys watched a video about France.

Looking at photos and colouring pictures of the Eiffel Tower.
Micaiah (left)  Abishai (Right)

The illustrations of Madeline are of real street scenes in Paris (top left).  I found a couple of books with photographs of Paris, so we tried matching  illustrations to the photographs.

Architectural Art: We just happen to own the story of  the construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.  This book shows the intricate step-by-step process of the cathedral's growth.
I found some additional story books on Paris.  The one on the left is a true story about a giraffe given to Charles X of France by Muhammad Ali of Egypt.  Abishai and I followed the giraffe's travel route on our world map, from Egypt through the Mediterranean Sea all the way up to Marseilles, France and then north to Paris.  Abishai and I stopped reading the one on the right halfway through because we couldn't handle Eloise's constant, hyper chatter (which I know is part of the humour of the book). It's too bad because I think we could have learned a lot from this book (French words and Parisian landmarks).

Grouping and dividing "Miss Clavel's twelve little girls" with blocks.   
While Abishai was grouping blocks, Asher practiced walking by pushing a  box of blocks. 

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