Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent...The Countdown

Advent is upon us, so I ordered the ebook, Truth in the Tinsel with a discount from Cultivated Lives, just for the occasion. I will try to post some of the activities that we do throughout the Advent season.  Below are pictures from our 1st day; Jesus, light of the world.

The boys and I went to our toy room in the basement for a dark place.  I told them that before Jesus was born, our hearts lived in darkness, full of sin (selfishness, anger, fear).  The boys are actually in the picture but it was too dark to see them. They felt nervous and scared in the darkness.

But when Jesus came into the world, his light expelled the darkness.  How much easier it is to see when there is light!  Jesus' light shines into our hearts, changing us from within and helping us as we live our lives for Him.  There was a sense of relief that came from the boys once we turned on the flashlight.  I think the same sense of relief comes when we recognize Jesus as the light of our lives.
Week two of Advent...He's almost here!

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