Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In-between Moments

In-between moments in our homeschooling days:
Abishai dressed as a soldier from ancient Sparta.  The battle cry, "Spartan's: prepare for glory!" was ringing throughout the house. His dad may have had something to do with that.
Micaiah doing printing practice on his own initiative. 

Peacefully together: Playing with a game rather than playing the game. 
Again, on his own initiative, Micaiah putting the letters of the alphabet in order.
"Micaiah, you should add pink to your painting."  
"But, we don't have any pink." 
"You can make pink; What colours make pink?"   
"Red paint and white paint" 
 Now he has pink!
Inspired by a Norman Rockwell painting, Abishai wanted to play cafe.  He dressed like a server behind the counter and pulled out his kitchen and menu chalkboard.
Welcome to the phonetic menu. Can you guess what he's spelling?

Asher got a chance to play too.
With a homemade catapult, Abishai launched marshmallows at paper cups.  Such a fun addition for playing with a castle and knights.  Thanks to our friend Jill, who gave the cups and catapult as a party favour for her son's birthday party.

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