Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring's Approach!

Our home life over the last week or so.

Micaiah making tally marks with coloured popsicle sticks.
Micaiah made a math equation out of our supper.  Can you see it?  "4+3=7 Mommy!"
I took out some easy readers from our library for Micaiah to practice with.  He loved these and read them over and over for 3 weeks until it was time to return them.

Science.  Red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets.  I often explain how the white blood cells are the super heroes of our body, who fight off the villains, aka germs.  I then sneak in the opportunity to talk about the importance of giving the Super Hero's of our body extra boosts of fighting power by eating healthy foods and reducing sugar intake to almost nil (since sugar enhances the fighting power of villains).  My boys love this way of talking.  It makes sense to them and they quickly get on board.

We also covered how we breathe.

A booklet on the 4 seasons and their months.  Abishai did a title page for each one.
Science: magic potion; a chemical reaction.

I started to take apart our Easter Garden, but before I threw it completely in the garbage, I wanted to show the boys how vegetation stops soil erosion.  I let them pick up the clumps of soil that had grass growing in them, to show how grass keeps it together. Then, I picked up the soil without grass to show them how loose the soil was and how easily it fell from my fingers.  

Three homeschooling families gathered together at Youth For Christ's gym to have a morning of fun and games.  Three moms and 11 children.  It was a blast!  Thanks to my friends who did all the planning and organizing.

More science.  Solids, liquids and gases.  This was a little taste of what Abishai will be learning next year.
Liquids.  Which container holds the most liquid?  Micaiah guessed the blue and Abishai guessed the green.  I poured all three, one at a time, into a measuring cup to show them that they all contained the same amount of liquid, emphasizing that liquid takes the shape of its container.
More science again: plants.  We're growing tomato plants and a mix of sunflowers.

We're still on our journey across the country with Wow Canada.  We've just entered Ontario.
Morning devotions and prayer time led by Daddy.  Daren reads a passage and then each family member takes their turn to pray to start the day.  The other morning Asher (2.5 yrs) prayed, "Help Daddy to write a good sermon.  Help mommy have a good night, Micaiah have a good night, Abishai have a good night and Gilead have a good night. Amen"  Asher loves to pray and often insists he prays at every meal.

Sibling love!

Abishai's 1st purchase with his allowance money.  He saved for 8 weeks to buy the Megatron transformer and waited another 3 weeks for it to come in the mail.  It finally was waiting for him in the mailbox after swimming lessons one day.  Abishai was so excited and so proud.

Little Gilead!  He gets everyone's attention.

Skip counting dot-to-dot.  Can you guess who's doing math for fun?  That's right: Micaiah!

Our new/used Kijiji purchase.

Baby Gilead maxin & relaxin!
Baby playtime!

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  1. Hello Renee,

    You are amazing and doing such a great job being creative with your kids learning. Thank you so much for posting here, I love coming and seeing what you are learning, and seeing your lovely family grow with each passing month.

    What curriculum are you using for science? Also, I was wondering if you would feel comfortable sharing how you do allowance with your kids.

    Charlotte Ehlers