Friday, October 26, 2012

A Healthier Pumpkin Pie

We have read so many books about Thanksgiving this year, that Abishai has pumpkin pie on the brain. He keeps asking if we can make one, and since I actually had the time today, I brought our sugar-pumpkin in from outside the front door to get ready for steaming. 

Abishai got busy picking out the seeds to use for our snack time.  Olive oil & sea salt roasted pumpkin seeds––oh so good!  The boys parked themselves at the table and just ate and ate.  

After making pumpkin puree, I set to work on making a spelt pie crust and a healthy pumpkin filling that wouldn't make me cringe every time the boys took a bite. It would be safe to say that with the recipe we used, they could have eaten an entire pie each without me having to worry about sugar overload.  

Snack time = pumpkin seeds!

Anticipating the baking pie.  

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