Thursday, October 11, 2012

God Loves a Humble Heart...Part I

We've been learning how to have a humble heart before God from the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-14).  We discovered that God is actually more pleased with a sinner who recognizes and repents of his having broken God's law, than someone who puts on a show and brags about his good deeds.

In Jesus' day, tax collectors were Jews who collected taxes for their oppressors, the Romans, and cheated their own people by collecting extra money for themselves.  The boys and I played a game called "What is a Tax Collector?"  I hid coins around the living room, along with tax collector facts for them to find.  The boys hunted after them enthusiastically.  Once found, the coins were brought to the coffee table. I read the facts for them to learn more about tax collectors and then we each took a turn at being a tax collector to see why they were so hated in Jesus' time.

Micaiah & Abishai finding their designated coins and facts.

Abishai removing the coins and the tax collector facts found inside the eggs.

Asher kept trying to grab Micaiah's coins.  We decided then, that Asher would represent the Roman Empire.

We put our greedy little Caesar on his throne so the boys could continue to role play.

Tax Collector Facts.

Abishai the Tax Collector.  Abishai set aside the coins on the right for the Romans, and the ones he's counting are for himself.

Micaiah takes a turn at being the Tax Collector.  Abishai pays him.

Micaiah the ruthless Tax Collector.  He left Abishai with nothing.

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