Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homeschooling Away From Home

We just came back from a cabin in Kenora, where my husband retreated for a special church writing project.  While he was working, we were exploring a whole new world.  I brought two weeks worth of homeschooling materials. When we arrived, however, I decided to stick to the basics of math, reading and writing, and spend the rest of our time exploring nature, swimming at the town pool and touring the library.
Abishai working on place values early in the morning. Still dark outside.

Hunting for sasquatch.

Asher lounging in the Ergo and pondering the forest ceiling in a sleepy daze.

The steady stepping rhythm soon put him out.

 The boys sharpening their computer literacy.

They made paper plate ghosts, played with lego and computer games, and yes, read some books as well.

Even Asher had a place! 

Back at the cabin, they read their newly withdrawn "cooler" full of books. 

 And then cuddled.

I brought along some activities for Micaiah, for those "just in case" moments of boredom, but this number-sequencing activity is what ended up boring him.  Most of Micaiah's learning is through active play––as Charlotte Mason would advise for preschoolers.
Asher unconscious yet again on one of our wilderness explorations. 

 It snowed while we were there: so enchanting on the coniferous trees.

We found a new plant (to us) to touch and feel.  It was so soft.  I have yet to discover its name.  If you know, please tell me.

We went to church on Sunday, where Asher met ANOTHER Asher, only 7 months older than himself!

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