Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Year Complete of Home Schooling

I'm a bit behind in my posts and since school already ended for us last week, I decided to compile them all into one.  So, here's our last bit of June.  

Madame Rachelle came over to do cooking with the boys.  She just happened to come on Abishai's actual birthday so it ended up being a great birthday meal.  It was delicious.

Chicken, potatoes, peas and chocolate cake!

Here the boys are helping to clean our church on our annual spring cleaning day.

All dressed and ready to go to the Swords and Sabres festival, full of pirates, fantasy, and steampunk-costumed kids and adults!  With the sun in their eyes, it was hard for the boys to look at the camera.  Asher refused to even try to look up.  Earlier this year we did a unit study on the Renaissance, which you can look at here.  When I found out about Sword and Sabres I thought it would be a great extension of that unit.  The boys had a blast! 

Asher didn't have a costume that fit into the theme of the festival, but he dressed up anyways. He really liked wearing his costume and kept it on the whole time.

They got to see a real blacksmith at work. 

Felt real chain mail.  Very oily.  Some children actually got to try it on, as well as other articles of knightly garb.

Abishai amidst the pirating displays.

Pirate face on!

The boys entered a costume contest where they were judged according to category and age.

Getting "judged" by the judges.

The prizes they won.

Pirate ship bouncer. 

There was a battle ring where kids could battle it out with nerf swords.

They had so much fun!

Then there's our morning backyard play after homeschooling is done.  Asher is all for dump trucks and sand...

...and Abishai enjoying his Tin Tin book under the shade of our Maple tree.   We planted it a few years ago on Earth Day and it has grown so fast that it is now taller than the hydro lines. It's a beautiful tree.

Our last day of homeschooling.  The boys around the table; Abishai doing math and Micaiah and Asher playing with math manipulatives.  Micaiah was busy counting and Asher...well he was just being Asher.

Picking them all up.

And of course reading lesson and cuddle time with Micaiah.  If you're wondering, yes, I am pregnant.  Baby arrives this December!  Oh, and we're moving.  More to come on that.

It was a great first year of homeschooling!  I loved it, it's a perfect fit for me and the boys.  I look forward to next year.

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