Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sk8 Park Party!

Abishai asked to have his 6th birthday party at our local sk8 park.  We invited 18 guests and had a wonderful, accident free, sunny day BMXing on the ramps, running around and playing on the play structure.  There was food, cake and presents. Abishai had a great morning!  The best part for me was that there was absolutely no clean up, just a fun time socializing with friends.
Abishai picked Ninja Turtles for his 6th chalk board sign.
Playing on the playground waiting for party guests to arrive.

Picnic time! 
Party food! 
Asher waiting for his food in a sleepy daze.

Trying new ramps. 
Riding the wave. 
Some of Abishai's birthday guests riding around the sk8 park.

Present opening. 
Anticipating the cake. 
Transformer cupcakes!

Happy 6th Birthday Abishai

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