Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget

This morning my husband and I decided to take our boys to the Field of Honour at Brookside Cemetery to see where my Grandfather (who served in World War I) was buried.  Normally we go to a Remembrance Day service, but since I'm half way through my 9th month of pregnancy, I didn't want to stand for too long (you don't always find a seat due to the crowds).  This Remembrance Day ended up being so meaningful as we remembered Great Grandfather, who served the cause of peace.

Searching for the gravestone while following their Grandmother's (my mom) very detailed directions.  We found it quite quickly because of her.

After the war, my Grandfather came over to Canada from England.  He became a Christian through a downtown church and later met my Grandmother (who was a brand new Christian herself) at another church .  So both of my Grandparents were 1st generation Christians. I'm a 3rd generation Christian, and my children are 4th generation Christians.  If it wasn't for the faith of my grandparents, it's very possible I wouldn't be sharing Christ with my children today.  We all held hands and thanked God for the peace we now live in and the faith my Grandfather brought us.
At the request of my family, I darkened the letters to make it easier for others to find the grave.  As I looked around, others have done this as well... smart.

The boys enjoying row upon row.

A Remembrance Day to remember.

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