Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Play Dough Messes And Other Life Moments

Micaiah is not old enough for Kindergarten, but he likes to be included in our learning times. If Micaiah asks to do math then I let him.  Here he's learning place values.
Asher playing with his play dough.
Cleaning up.
Abishai having a blast in gym class. I wish I could be there in these last few weeks to watch him, but I physically can't walk the distance with 3 kids from the university parking lots to the phys. ed building.  It's quite the walk for a pregnant woman, even the distance to the shuttle stop feels far enough to send me into labour.  For the last 3 classes, Abishai has been driven to gym while I stay home with the other two.  But I miss it––seeing his excitement, watching him interact with his friends, and having the chance to talk with the other moms.

Learning about Platypus's.  The book on the left was fun to read and educational.
A weeks worth of laundry washed, folded and ready to be put away.
Another week at gym.  Dodge Ball is a favourite.  Abishai is even starting to run into his homeschool friends outside of gym class.
An afternoon snack in the warmth of the sun brings on brotherly love. What I love about this new house is that it has so much light.  
Daren and I working side by side in the evening after the children have gone to bed. Daren's writing a sermon and I'm preparing the boys lessons for the week.

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