Thursday, October 17, 2013

2 Already!

Asher turned 2!  
Cake and present time!

Going crazy with his new present from Grandma and Grandpa!
Stunt driving.  Is that his left foot up on top of the seat?
A couple weeks before Asher turned 2, he started riding the balance bike.  He rides it almost everyday.
The older boys found new heights to climb.

I finished my project of turning an old picture that I didn't like anymore into a chalk board. I plan to hang it in the front entrance and do chalk art according to the seasons.
The boys helped me make apple pies.  Healthy apple pies!

Taking out the garbage bins.  They are becoming so helpful and responsible at 6 and 4 years of age.
Racket ball for Abishai this week.  The ball was flying everywhere, but they all came out alive!  Abishai is the one wearing orange shorts and a grey shirt.

Micaiah working on his letters in the peacefulness and quietness of the park.

Our tub tap was dripping.  Daren is teaching the boys how to fix it.  They learned where to shut the water off in the basement, how to choose the right tools and how to open up the tap to find the problem.  They were so eager to learn.  Then they went off to Home Depot to buy the new part.  

A "practical living" learning week.

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