Thursday, October 31, 2013


Abishai got to try fencing in gym class.  So fun!

Asher playing with his cars and trucks.  He plays with an assortment of cars all day long.  I tried switching things up on him by setting up a barn with animals, but he ignored the animals and put his cars in the barn instead.  Right now, cars are his thing.
Abishai is learning proper nouns of places where some of his extended family live in Canada.

He wrote a letter to his Grandma from out of town.
Micaiah added a picture to the letter as well.

If you look closely, Asher is holding his pencil correctly.  He draws like this most of the time.  How he knows how to hold a pencil, I don't know.  Can he really be watching us that closely or is it just instinct?
Micaiah played peacefully with his lego before he started math and writing lessons for the day.  He made the mistake of leaving the lego out while he homeschooled in the dining room.  Asher came along and spread it generously around his room.
An Asher-storm!
All four of us got on the floor to help clean it up. Even little Asher helped, and so did I with my 9th month pregnant belly!  Abishai went under the bed to retrieve missing pieces and Micaiah volunteered to vacuum the dust bunnies.

Micaiah's bed making!  He did a good job.  His efforts make me proud.
After the big clean.  I was dissatisfied with the arrangement of Micaiah's room.  It had been bothering me for months.  Sometimes furniture placement can be all wrong.  Then we added in a desk and chair for Micaiah to craft and do lego on during quiet times in his room.  We still have to paint the room (even though Micaiah is loving the pink walls right now) and I still have some final little details to make the room that much more complete, but it will have to wait for now.

We did deep sea fish for life science this week.
And we went to see the Mummy of Pesed at our local Museum.  
Micaiah wrote a Halloween poem.
Abishai wrote his own Halloween song.  I over heard him quietly sitting on the couch one morning writing a song.  I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down what he was singing.  I later copied it neatly onto Halloween paper to keep in his school record book.  His song had consistent rhythm and I had planned to dig out my djembe drum so that we could play around with his song, but time slipped away on us.

7:30am pumpkin drawing.  

 Responsible toddler.
Carving pumpkins in the setting sun.

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