Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This week we read about wolves.  While looking at one of our story books, Abishai and Micaiah drew an assortment of animals: wolves, bison, flycatchers, bears and beavers.  All inspired by the paintings of Wendell Minor.
This book was our favourite, the same one pictured above.  It's a true story about how wolves were brought back from near extinction in the USA.  While the wolves were gone, the wilderness became unbalanced, but once 10 wolves from Canada were set free in Yellowstone National Park, the missing pieces of the wilderness were brought back into place again.  So interesting how one animal species can affect so much for the positive!

For the last few weeks we've been examining Jesus' sermon on the Mount.  This week was Matthew 5:13-16 on being the salt and light of the world.  The boys and I did a Bible illustration (Salt and Soda Overflow) to bring home the point of how following Jesus can really affect those around us.  The salt immediately has an effect on the soda.  Jesus talked about how people who follow him will have an effect on those around them. They make the world different and better just by following what Jesus' says.

This year Abishai is old enough to join Phys. Ed. at the University.  His class is made up of other 6-8 year old homeschoolers.  Abishai enjoys learning and playing the different sports and is making friends quickly.  Micaiah, Asher and I sit on the side lines watching and getting to know the other moms.  
Broom ball craziness!  Abishai is the one wearing the black shirt and shorts.

Thanksgiving is upon us, to the boys and my delight.  Surprisingly, it is my favourite holiday of the year.  I love how relaxed it is, the beautiful colours of the leaves turning, the table filled with hot and tasty food and the company of family and friends.  It truly is a holiday of thankfulness.

In addition to reading a stack of Thanksgiving books, we also did some Thanksgiving drawings.  
Abishai drawing top left and Micaiah's drawing top right.
We headed out to a local farm to pick pumpkins and ride horses; an extension of our science unit on horses from a couple weeks back.
This was the boys first time riding.  They long to be cowboys.

Each boy got to pick a pumpkin.  So many to choose from. The boys thought it was the best day ever.

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