Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hot Summer Fun!

Our July in pictures.

At the beginning of July I got together with two long time friends and our 6 boys.  We lined them up from youngest to oldest.  What a party when all of them are together!

Asher is now tall enough to join the Avengers Team!
A day spent at Grand Beach on Canada Day!

My young biologist found a marsh where we discovered...


Cute babies!

And we actually got to see a snail emerging from his shell!

My boys getting wet in order to roll in the sand.  Asher thought this was so exciting.

 Sand all rinsed off.  Clean again!
It's not everyday that Batman and Robin come to clean out the bottom of the lawnmower.  They were so helpful.
We spent some time at the cottage.

Almost half way into my 4th pregnancy!  I met a group of women who each had 4+ children.  We sat around on the beach together for the afternoon and talked while our children played.  It was a refreshing time.

Private swimming lessons for the older boys.

Relaxing with their Stevia sweetened Zevia drinks!    

Playing with a group of boys.  

It's bound to happen! 
Quality time with Daddy. 

 Examining a dragon fly up close.
Our cottage is located on a peninsula.  Abishai wanted to know the difference between an island and a peninsula, so we took them to the tip to show them.

Lots and lots of sand play.  They had so much fun with this fresh mound of sand. 

After we got home, we got to work on doing some serious packing.  Here Micaiah is taking his bed apart to move to the new house.  We're so close to moving day.  I'm so excited!