Sunday, June 15, 2014

Seven Years Old

We had Abishai's first ever ALL boys birthday party!  No parents this year, just his friends. Abishai's party theme was all about Dragons and Dragon Knights.  I can't believe how well the theme went off with the boys.  We purchased Nerf-like 'Dragon Knight' swords for the guests to use in party games.  At the end they got to take them home as party favours along with a Dragon Fruit (pictured at the bottom of the post).  My husband, being the story teller he is, wove the Dragon Fruit and Dragon Knight swords into a fantasy story that the boys had fun playing out.  I loved watching the fun and excitement.

 Telling the dragon knight tale.

 The Master Dragon being chased by the Dragon Knights.
 More party games.


The fun didn't stop when the parents arrived to pick up their children.  They and the siblings joined in the fun and the party kept getting better and better.

 I love these 'littles'.

The dragon was threatened by the dragon knights, so he sent his raven to drop dragon fruit into the knights' breakfast to turn them into dragons.  One lone dragon knight set out to turn back the dragons into dragon knights again...and a magical story turned a 7 year old birthday party into a world of laughter and fun.

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