Thursday, October 9, 2014

School Year 2014-2015

Hi again!  I haven't been around for the summer and part of the fall.  I sort of just disappeared for the last few months. I took a break from blogging during this time, but I do plan to continue documenting our homeschooling journey here at In the Home and By the Way. Over the summer my husband and I started a new church called Awaken and have been up to our necks in work since.  If we thought pastoral work was busy, then in the words of my husband, "this is pastoring on steroids!" Starting a church from the ground up takes a lot of time and energy, but let me tell you, it's been electric!

Here are some of our homeschooling pictures during the month of September.

Abishai's Grade 2 picture!  7 years old.

Micaiah is officially in Kindergarten this year.  5.5 years old.

1st day of school pictures.

Asher and Gilead along for the ride.
Lunch in a nearby park.

Reading the classic "The Wind In The Willows" to Abishai while he draws.

Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Another classic that I'm reading to both Abishai and Micaiah.

Abishai loves mystery readers.

Asher is often enjoying the backyard while the older boys are doing their school work.

We are learning about why we have four seasons and what makes day and night.

We watched a portions of this DVD on why we have seasons.

Micaiah is the earth spinning and rotating around the sun (i.e..coffee table).

Abishai is earth turning toward the sun to make day and then away from the sun to make night.

Gilead having the time of his life.  His world is bigger now that he can crawl.

I found this gem at the library to go with our learning about the 5 Great Lakes from last year.  We read Paddle To The Sea in grade 1.

We are continuing to learn about Canada, it's history, and our greater world. Here the boys are exploring with a compass.  They are learning where North, South, East and West is in our backyard.

Abishai loves performing, so we signed him up for Funky Boys at a dance studio.  His best buddy joined the class too.

Gilead having a hard day with teething.  It was a hard day for mom as well.

Peaceful Gilead.
The comforts of a warm cup of tea and Red Hulk while learning to read.

15 minute break before the next lesson.
Our Awaken church planning team having a picnic supper after planning and praying for the church.
 Music leader auditions.

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