Monday, March 1, 2010

Cranberry Ice Cubes

When we play with water at the sink, it always spills on the floor.  Since it's going to end up there anyway, I decided we would start where it ends.  So, I laid a towel on the floor, gave Abishai two bowls of water with 3 different utensils and dumped a tray full of cranberry ice cubes in for him to  transfer back and forth.

Abishai loved it!  The original idea came from The Activity Mom and had colored ice cubes. I didn't have any food coloring in the house, so I just popped a cranberry in each cube tray to add some color to our ice cubes.  After the ice melted, Abishai had the cranberries to transfer back and forth. His favorite transferal implement was the salad tongs.  After he was done I used the left-over water for my plants.

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