Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Weekend: Pirates, Puddles and Books

6am, Bible reading and story books.
aargh...Pirate Play
Shape Recognition on the car console while Dad quickly runs in to get a few items at the store.  Triangles and circles are Abishai's most recognized shapes.
Mall playground
This is my favorite used book store in the city.  It's called Sam's Place, and is a great place to have coffee and a light lunch.  Daren, lover of all things Hebrew and Greek has made a few great finds.  I love the children section.  I always seem to find classics and for the right price....cheap!  I also like that the money I spend there goes toward MCC and the work that they do.
Puddle Time!
Daren cutting off a branch for our first annual Easter Jesus Tree!  More on that in a future post.
At the Forks
Lent: Jesus' death is fast approaching.


  1. I was wondering what Sam's Place was. My sister lives in Elmwood so I have passed it often. I will have to check it out with Lilah some time soon! We have been going to the Library every Friday. She loves loves loves books. Jones mostly just likes knocking the books off the shelf. ;)

  2. Your little guys looked like they were having lots of fun at the book store Renae! Our little guy loves going to the library also...it is such a blessing to be able to expose them to different stimulating surroundings.

    Great pictures; Loved the photographs of your little pirate! Harhar!