Friday, March 26, 2010

Resurrection Tree

A couple of weeks ago we cut down our first Resurrection Tree (aka Jesus Tree) to get ready for Holy Week.  I hope to make this an annual tradition.  We decorated the tree with items we found around the house and neighborhood, items to represent different aspects of Jesus' last week of life, and his death and resurrection.  The boys like to look at and touch the ornaments.  When Abishai asks "What's that?" about a particular ornament, I explain what it means.  I got this idea from Noel Piper, author of Treasuring God in our Traditions.  I read it when I was pregnant with Abishai, and have eagerly waited until he was old enough to start putting some of her ideas into practice.  Some of the items that Daren and I came up with can be seen below.  We don't yet have an item for every idea we found in scripture, but as the years go by, hopefully we can keep collecting them, like we do with Christmas tree ornaments.
The cross and the hammer that nailed Jesus there.
The cup representing Christ's blood shed for us and the nail that pierced Jesus' hands.
The donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday and the passover lamb.
Jesus anointed with perfume and the angel at the tomb.
The fish Jesus and the disciples ate together after the resurrection and the rooster that crowed after Peter denied Jesus 3 times.
Grapes = wine at the last supper.  Bread that was eaten at the last supper.
 Judas' bag of 30 silver pieces
Ribbons.  Green = new life, Christ's resurrection.  Purple = royalty, Palm Sunday.  Black = death, Christ's crucifixion.

Other ideas we'd like to include:
Palm Sunday: Palm Branch, coat
Last Supper: Table, sifter
Garden: Praying hands, olive, sword
Crucifixion: vinegar, soldiers, skull, lots, sour wine bottle, King of Jews sign, curtain torn in two, fire pit, whip, purple cloth, loin cloth


  1. my name is katie, and we have a family blog @ www.ourvapor.wordpress.com. i was searched in google for a "resurrection tree" and was excited when i found yours. i was wondering if you would mind me linking this post in an article i was wanting to write today. our family hasn't done one of these trees yet, but i hope to next year. i do so love noel piper's book, and i was wanting to share some of her ideas with those who may not have read it. visuals definitely help. thank you!

  2. What about a nice tiny ceramic salt shaker to remind us to be the salt of the earth