Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Old Fashion Wooden Blocks

I've wanted wooden blocks for the boys for a while, so Micaiah's first birthday was the perfect opportunity to introduce them to our lives. After reading about the benefits of block play, I wanted to see it for myself. What's more, wooden toys are non-toxic.  I wish all of our toys were wood.

This week was the week, the first time we played with them. So after all that anticipation, was the reality a let-down? Not at all! Abishai was so into it, with a focused attention to building and detail.
Abishai built a tower, a house, a crane, a railroad and a city
Babyzilla Micaiah, was our tower destroyer. He also liked mouthing the wooden pieces to soothe his teething gums.  

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  1. Lilah has the same set and it is still one of her favorite toys. We build them up and let the Jonah monster tear them down. She calls the towers houses and towns and names them all after her friend's & family's homes. She gets VERY upset when she accidentally knocks them over while she is building. There has been tears poured more than one time. ;)