Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Weekend: Plumbing, Popcorn and Proverbs

Abishai fleeing in gleeful terror from Daddy and Micaiah.
Popping popcorn.  We tried extra virgin olive oil on our popcorn instead of butter.  It tasted just like butter, but is way healthier.  We added in a little Sea Salt and took it downstairs to watch a Planet Earth DVD!   
Abishai supervised Grandpa's installation of a brand new kitchen faucet!
Playing with the quiet book made by Jill Zurzolo.
Toy cars and pillow arranging.
Pretend phone calls to Grandma and potty training.
Lunch Time! 
Micaiah in the reading corner.
Abishai in the reading chair.
A new book recently added to our home library.
Our 3rd Lent reading; Abishai blowing out the candle.


  1. A weekend of fun! The prepared lunch looks so delicious and healthy too. Today I was browsing at ChristianBooks.com and I viewed 'Gods Wisdom for Little Boys! I think it will be added to our next order; Do your boys enjoy reading this book?

    Thank you for sharing your weekend Renae! Great photographs!

    God Bless

  2. Sarah, thank you for your comment.

    Abishai really likes 'Gods Wisdom for Little Boys'. What's nice about it is that you can read one page per day if you want, like you would a Proverb. I hope you enjoy it as well.